January Reads

So far this month, I read Sugar ( a book originally slated for August) as well as the follow up to Sugar Lacry’s story, This Bitter Earth.

Sugar is a MUST READ and you’ll find yourself wanting to more about Sugar, Pearl and the small town of Bigelow. I was go glad I didn’t have long to wait before the story continued with, This Bitter Earth. 

Both stories are so well written and the characters are so hard to let go. I definitely recommend. 

Overview of Sugar:

A young prostitute comes to Bigelow, Arkansas, to start over, far from her haunting past. Sugar moves next door to Pearl, who is still grieving for the daughter who was murdered fifteen years before. Over sweet-potato pie, an unlikely friendship begins, transforming both women's lives--and the life of an entire town.

Sugar brings a Southern African-American town vividly to life, with its flowering magnolia trees, lingering scents of jasmine and honeysuckle, and white picket fences that keep strangers out--but ignorance and superstition in.


This Bitter Earth

Sugar Lacey is on her way out of Bigelow, Arkansas, where she’d come to break with the past. With her worn leopard-print suitcase and her head held high, she walks past the prying eyes of its small-minded, cruel-hearted townsfolk, praying for the strength to keep going. She doesn’t stop until she arrives at her childhood home in Short Junction.  Here she learns the truth about her parentage: a terrible tale of unrequited love, of one man’s enduring hatred, and of the black magic that has cursed generations of Lacey women.  A powerfully realized novel that brings back the unforgettable characters from Sugar, McFadden’s bestselling debut, This Bitter Earth is a testament to the ultimate triumph of the human spirit.



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