Inspired by Homegoing

Inspired by Homegoing

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Inspired by the book Homegoing.

One descendant of this expansive novel was H whose early life was filled with hardship. H endured more than most could but for Ethe.

She became the salve on a deep wound for him, his anchor and life line.


Ain’t I been through enough? Ain’t just about everything I ever had been taken away from me? My freedom. My family. My body. And now my name. Ain’t I deserve to be Ethe to you if nobody else?

Scent Story:

Romantic and warm with notes of purple iris and African violet.



Inspired by the book, Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.

The story of Effie and Esi and the parallel lives of their descendants over 8 generations.

I adored this book and how the undercurrent of fire ran through this book, but also how this book was always a return to home.


Split the Castle open, find me, find you.

We, two, felt sand, wind, air.

One felt whip. Whipped, once shipped.

Scent Story:

A zesty cocktail of tangy lime, cara cara orange and nectarine are infused with sweet agave and garnished with blooming guava blossoms.

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